The core functionality of the app links four core components: a mobile gateway, activities+ light-touch automation, an inbox + contact database, and APIs.


We have the most flexible two-way mobile gateway in the world. With our tool set, you can connect to any mobile network using:

  • Frontline Sync (download here from the Google Play Store)
  • Web-based aggregators such as Twilio, Clicktel, Nexmo and more
  • Through a direct custom connection (SMPP and HTTP)


Activities are our automation tools, helping add structure to your interactions and reducing the time you spend on repeated tasks. Using Frontline, our Activities connect:

  • Triggers - messages, payments, fire triggers, API calls, + missed calls 
  • Conditions - groups, tags, contact details, custom fields, + status
  • Actions - send & tag messages, payments, + API calls
  • Fallback Actions - when incoming messages don't meet your conditions, set up alternative actions, like reminders or default
  • User Data - preset messages, so that you can have standalone 


Frontline combines our inbox and contact management tools, helping you sort, target, scale, visualize, and make sense of the communication you're getting in real-time. Our data management tools focus on: 

  • Groups + Smart Groups
  • Tags + Custom Fields
  • Interaction Type + Schedule + Status 
  • Connection Type

All your messaging interactions feed the same database, making sure that you can automate the things you're ready to scale and manually manage everything else.  


Messaging is only a small part of any effective enterprise. we translate unstructured content into the platforms and database you use to track key metrics and success.