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Frontline and Sync

An Android phone running FrontlineSync with FrontlineSMS v2.

FrontlineSMS is free, open-source desktop application. You are free to download and use the latest version by clicking on the link below.

Download the latest version: FrontlineSMS v2


Once you have downloaded our software, you will need to connect a compatible device to use it. You can read more about that in our FrontlineSMS Overview. FrontlineSMS Version 2 runs in your browser. We support Chrome, Firefox (v 3.5 or later), and Internet Explorer (v 7 and 8 or later). We are actively working to support earlier versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. For best results, please update your browser at the same time as updating or installing Version 2. If you need further help with getting started check out our help and support page.

Free technical support is also provided via our community site, but is only available to organizations or individuals using FrontlineSMS for non-profit (NGO) activities. If you do not fall into this category, or if you would like more support, please get in touch by emailing to find out about our service contracts, project design, training consultancy and technical support services.


FrontlineSMS Version 1

FrontlineSMS Version 1 was our main product from 2008 until mid-2012. If you prefer to use it, you can download Version 1 of FrontlineSMS for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read more about this on our FrontlineSMS overview page.

FrontlineSMS Version 1 setup.

Even thought Version 2 is much more fully featured than v1, Version 1 is still has a few features that that Version 2 does not yet support:

  • Contact sub-groups
  • Frontline Forms
  • Translation Manager
  • Auto-forward to Email
  • Reminders

For further questions and support, please refer to our community site.

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