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FrontlineCloud Overview

FrontlineCloud lets you easily send, receive, and manage SMS messages and data from anywhere in the world.

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FrontlineCloud makes life simpler with a quick set-up process, many ways to connect to mobile networks, and all of the sophisticated data management available through the cloud. It brings the convenience of the web to your text message communications, all for a low monthly rate. Using FrontlineCloud with FrontlineSync, you can also register missed calls in your FrontlineCloud workspace.

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What Do I Need to Get Started?

All you need to get started with FrontlineCloud is a valid e-mail address and an Internet connection. We’ll ask you to complete a short form and confirm via e-mail. That’s it!

After you sign up for the first time, you’ll be able to log in through our homepage, or directly at We recommend that you use an updated web browser – specifically Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari – for the best experience.

Note: if you’d like to immediately begin with a pro account, you will also need a credit card. Those taking advantage of limited free tier will not need a credit card until they exceed their usage limits.



Mobile networks, the world over, are complicated. FrontlineCloud simplifies the many ways you can connect, integrating directly with a number of tools, service providers, and customized connections so that you don’t have to. And if you don’t see exactly the option you’re looking for, let us know — we’re developing new ways to connect every day.

Now, back to networks being complicated. FrontlineCloud makes it possible to send SMS anywhere in the world, using an Android phone connected to the mobile network you want to send messages through or through one of our web-based service partners. For two-way messaging you can lease a local “virtual” number in more than 55 countries; send and receive through a Android phone; purchase and virtually register a SIM card or work with us to set up a custom connection with a partner.

Here are the ways you can begin messaging with FrontlineCloud:

Web-based Aggregators

A web-based aggregator, or SMS gateway service, will let you send text messages from your computer to anyone in more than 200 countries, usually at a low price. They also send messages at a fast rate — often hundreds of messages per minute. Web-based aggregators are great for making announcements or sending urgent updates to people you need to reach. We have integrated multiple aggregators into our application, so that you can use the company of your choice. A complete list of available integrations is available in FrontlineCloud, and we are adding more in the coming weeks.

Virtual Numbers

There are a limited (but constantly growing) number of countries and mobile networks with which you can register for a virtually-assigned phone number. This means your number will behave like a regular, local phone number, without the need for a SIM card or in-country phone. Your recipients will see it as a standard telephone number, and their replies will be routed directly to your FrontlineCloud account.


FrontlineSync is our Android gateway application, available free on the Google Play Store. FrontlineSync enables users to connect send and receive messages into FrontlineCloud using their Android phone – on any mobile network in the world. FrontlineSync also lets you receive and register missed calls in your FrontlineCloud workspace – giving users a free way to communicate.

There are some basic requirements for this to work: your Android phone will need to be on, and have access to a mobile signal and wifi or data signal, with an appropriate plan; also, you will need the FrontlineSync application to be installed and synced with FrontlineCloud. After that, any messages you send will be routed through your Android phone … and incoming messages will be routed back to FrontlineCloud. All with a local number!

Virtualized SIM Cards

Several of our partner companies offer the capability of creating your own virtual SIM card. For this to work, you can buy a local SIM card and send it by post to our partner company. In turn, and for a fee, they will scrape the data from the SIM card and sync the number and other information with FrontlineCloud. From there, you will be able to send and receive messages from the Internet, with your new virtual SIM card behaving like a regular phone number. This process can be complicated and does not work universally, so please contact us for more details.

Custom Connections and Short Codes

There are a number of custom connections available through FrontlineCloud — whether through one of our aggregator partners, a specific mobile network, or a third-party service provider. These types of connections offer a wide range of connection and billing options, though the technical details and cost implications vary significantly by service provider and region. One of the most popular of these options are “short codes,” a shortened telephone number, usually four or five digits, that can make it easy for the people you want to reach to remember and use. Some of our partners will create a custom connection, such as international short code, for a fee. FrontlineCloud is equipped to handle short codes, but they will require special attention from us and registration with a partner company. Please contact us for more details.



FrontlineCloud is available at various tiers from $25 per month. This price helps cover the cost of tool development maintenance, premium user support, and web-hosting your workspace.

FrontlineSMS is, and always has been, free. If you’d like to learn more about FrontlineSMS, please click here.


Upgrading from FrontlineSMS

You can import messages and contacts from FrontlineSMS desktop. We have not yet built full migration support, but we hope to add this in the coming months. For help with importing messages and contacts when upgrading to FrontlineCloud, click here.


Privacy and Data

We take our user’s privacy, data, and safety very seriously. To this end, we attempt to be transparent and clear about how we access user information in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Phone numbers and message content are stored on a secure server. You can read our Terms of Service, and let us know if you have any questions via our contact page.

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