Frontline Features and Updates

This page contains a list of new features and updates introduced with each release of FrontlineSMS, our award-winning desktop software. We welcome new feature requests, so please feel free to suggest ideas by emailing

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Additions To Our Latest Version: FrontlineSMS v 2.3

New Features


FrontlineSMS now supports SMSSync, an Android application from our friends at Ushahidi that allows you to sync text messages from an Android phone to FrontlineSMS. You'll need a local area network or Internet access to use this feature. We still support modems and mobile phones; SMSSync just represents an additional way to connect to the people you care about.

Custom Routing Preferences

We now allow you to set custom routing preferences among your connections. For example, you can instruct FrontlineSMS to respond to users via the phone number they texted first. Or, you can prioritize your phone numbers so that you are using your preferred connection first. This feature has been requested by many users, and we're excited to add it to this list!

A Powerful Way to Manage Your Messages: Custom Activity Builder

The new Custom Activity  Builder lets you link several actions together based on a single keyword or incoming message. For instance, you can add to or remove a sender from a group, forward a message, send an autoreply ... or combine all of the above. It gives you a new way to have FrontlineSMS perform several tasks at the same time ... all automatically.

An Easy-to-Use Translation Manager

We've improved the process for users to translate both FrontlineSMS and FrontlineCloud and we are adding new languages constantly. Don't see a language you need? Is a current language not specific to your dialect? Contact us, and we can give you access to translate into any language or dialect of your choice. Email


Contact Editing and Importing

We've added a new contact import tool, which will help you organize your column headings before finalizing your contact import. No more guessing as to whether your column headings are correct; we allow you to edit them during the import to ensure everything is accurate. We've also improved the contact editing page so that edits looks cleaner.

Improved Visual Cues

We've made some small improvements to visual cues in the app, but we think they have a big effect on the user experience. For instance, now notifications appear next to activities when you receive a message, so you won't miss anything important! The application also assists with showing phone number formats and shows a country flag next to each phone number -- all with the goal of helping you ensure you're reaching the right person.

And stay tuned ...

We are committed to releasing a number of great features in the next few months. Stay tuned for a new version of FrontlineSMS desktop soon!