The Radio Star Strikes Back

“Good Morning Nairobi, and you’re listening to Frontline Radio KFMS…”

More than 95% of the world’s population uses radio, making it the most popular communication technology in the world. Radio stations and DJs have also been some of Frontline’s earliest and most inspirational users, taking on climate change advocacy, coordinating responses during emergencies, amplifying voices for peace during conflict, and bringing communities together. When done well, combining radio with messaging makes the world’s most powerful broadcast platform a two-way channel that works when little else does. Frontline has always built for the tools and platform people use right now - which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce Frontline + Radio.

Radio is a great medium to communicate with many users at once - but that comes with its own challenges. Radio broadcasters need to be able to interact in real-time with big audiences and individual listeners, understanding what each needs. Radio gives you a megaphone so the people can hear you, but Frontline gives you the ability to listen, understand, and respond.


The Sawa Shabab radio show in South Sudan uses Frontline to engage its users, get responses to questions asked during their show, and promote peacebuilding through a weekly, scripted drama. The show recounts the lives of young people in South Sudan and their struggles, dreams, and thought processes. At the end of the show, the characters ask questions to the audience and invite them to submit their answers via SMS. Frontline is used to gather the responses from the show and build a database of participants for future engagement. You can read more about Sawa Shabab and listen to the first season here. Sawa Shabab is one of a large number of radio stations that use Frontline to provide entertainment, host community dialogue, and support targeted educational messages.

Frontline + Radio makes it easier for them to configure, update and manage their SMS interactions. The Radio Activities that we are releasing as let listeners register, request songs, respond to surveys and participate in competitions. With Frontline, having one-to-many interactions with listeners is quickly and easily. With Frontline for Radio, users like Sawa Shabab can get a better grasp on who are listening and promote long term growth and communication with their dedicated following.

You can sign up and receive these custom Radio Activities for free. When you sign up for a FrontlineCloud account using the form on the Radio page, you get our full web-hosted SMS management tool, with the added extra of 4 custom Activities, as well as a tailored Getting Started page so that you can start sending messages and building a following immediately.