Content Editor


For 12 years, thousands of people, organisations and companies have used our platform to save money and lives, educate children, lead communities and optimise hospitals.  We love working with our clients every day across the world, and we are looking to enable more and more people to benefit from our tools without necessarily requiring a large budget to get started.

That’s why we’re looking for a new content editor.

We’re looking to hire someone to produce high quality content that communicates what we do at FrontlineSMS.  There are many people running positive SMS-driven projects around the world with FrontlineSMS Activities and Connections and we want to share more of that work and the other interesting things happening in our space (digital democracy, public participation) with our existing and potential audiences. 

As the FrontlineSMS Content Editor, your primary responsibility will be to produce material on a schedule that you will have a stake in defining.  We see this as a very autonomous role focusing on client interviews and customer stories, turning them into useful, interesting, accessible articles and documents. We’re always looking to improve and so while we have a lot of this already from the previous decade, we’re excited to iterate on our goals and processes.


This is a new exciting job based in the heart of our company in Nairobi.  There are many new paths to define, processes to hash out and gaps to fill.  We see the first few months (years!) being exciting times full of productivity, debate and freshly minted new content.  You will need to like the sound of this, and you will probably need to have been in a team that has done this kind of thing before.

First and foremost we need someone who loves to write and is articulate.  You need to enjoy turning thoughts, facts, opinions and information into engaging content in good time, for the right audience and to a high standard. We’re looking for someone who can write and talk to new people with ease and a level of flair.

You also need to be very organized and self-motivated.  You will be surrounded by an engaged team who will be there with you all the way but you’ll need to use initiative and take responsibility for your content output. You’ll have your agreed schedule and goals, and it will be up to you to research them, work with customers and influencers to compile the requisite information and then finish, format and publish the material. 

As well as all this scheduling and content management, it is of course very important that have a good creative drive and a clear writing style.

The work will be diverse and we want to work with you to define it, but we do know that it’ll be a combination of regular content and some more ad hoc one-off material; we have a lot of inspiring stories to share and also want to keep linked up with what’s going on in the world that relates to our work.  This will require a lot of multi-tasking and flexibility.


This is a content production role with a commercial focus – it is ultimately a new business/sales role and you will be working closely with the CEO, the sales team, taking a lot of input from our account managers. Your main responsibility will be to create and share interesting material that will spike the interest of new and existing audiences, build our presence and provide people with insight into the great work being done to improve all areas of society around the world.


Your work will include things like:

  • Interviews with key influencers and existing customers in our field

  • Supporting the sales team with documents and other materials for campaigns

  • Turning the work people are doing with our platform into case studies

  • Producing a regular mailouts, product announcements, and newsletters

  • Identifying and attending relevant events

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of our content with analytics and tests

  • Producing timely thought pieces on relevant current affairs when necessary

  • Scripting and/or producing lightweight video content

We would expect you to get to grips with most areas of this work pretty quickly and to be able to grow into new responsibilities and activities from there.


If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk to you! Email us at by 31st July with:

  • An introduction to who you are and why you’d be a good fit at Frontline

  • A CV (Tip: we prefer CVs that are only 2 pages at most, focusing more on projects and achievements, rather than those featuring large lists of acronyms and certifications - this way it’s much easier for us humans to read and understand just how great you are!)

  • Compensation is competitive and commensurate with your experience in the Nairobi market


Networks are powerful and we’d love to reward anyone who shares this job advert with someone that is perfect for this job. If you refer someone who joins us in this role we’ll say thanks with KSh50,000 when they pass their probation.