The beepers are gone. So are the giant paper binders (hopefully). Event management has evolved considerably, so why are you still struggling to communicate efficiently with event participants?

A successful event requires more than just a captivating speaker, desirable accommodations, or an open bar. Many dedicated event and meeting professionals spend countless hours in back and forth communications regarding the research, planning, coordination, and assessment of any engagement, regardless of event type or size. Count on Frontline’s automated messaging capabilities to simplify the event management process. Whether if it’s with your clients, conference speakers, or vendors, Frontline + messaging can help you avoid common communication breakdowns before, during, and after your event.


From private galas to enterprise-level corporate events, Frontline can help you control the complexities of event management communications through the power of messaging.


Automate Messaging Before, During, and After the Event

The time and effort spent assembling client RSVPs, speaker confirmations, and vendor enrollments can make the most even-keeled planner call it quits. With Frontline’s automated messaging capabilities, attendee management is no longer a nuisance.

Give your clients and attendees an extra layer of connectivity to their upcoming event, while giving you peace of mind. Use your Frontline + Event Management structured messaging capabilities to collect attendee RSVPs, send event reminders or cancellations, and make on-site check-in lines a thing from the past.  

Behind the scenes, you’ll have instant access to your clients’ contact information within your FrontlineCloud workspace. Maintain your contacts within the Frontline application or easily export your data to your primary CRM.

Streamline Your Entire Event Operations

Just like the giant party planning binder, most event communication practices were designed before messaging became instant, digital, and mobile. It’s time to bring your event operations into the 21st century.

Messaging is the best way to keep up with event participants on the day of the event. Whether it’s an intimate affair or large gala, Frontline + Event Management makes it easy to set-up check-ins, automate FAQ lists, or coordinate with your team remotely.

Access your FrontlineCloud workspace from anywhere to see every messaging interaction between event participants and report real-time data. Or you can utilize Frontline’s seamless Salesforce integration capabilities to instantly transfer client data to your primary CRM.


The event might be over, but the relationship building and networking possibilities are just getting started. Messaging creates an opportunity for your event participants to build authentic connections. 

Frontline helps you bridges the gap, with modern data management tools built for messaging. Our team and tools help you build bigger lists for future events, help speakers and vendors follow-up with leads, increase feedback participation, and develop rich data profiles so you can target future event messaging to maximize impact.

A list is only as good as its members are engaged. Frontline + Event Management makes it easy to build high quality lists for all your event purposes.

Frontline helps event organizers automate their client communications before, during, and after the event - all through tapping the power of SMS.

When you sign up for a Frontline + Events account, you'll have access to custom activities made specifically for event planners and management firms organizing everything from a 5k fundraiser to a trade show with 5k+ attendees. Example activities include:  

  • Events Meal Choice
    Survey with two editable questions, answer validation and charting

  • Events FAQs
    Handle up to 10 keyword-triggered FAQs for your event

  • Session Management
    Set up a session with reminders & promote it to get sign ups

  • Single Question Poll
    Survey with an editable question, answer validation and charting

  • Attendee Surveys
    Survey your attendees with any your questions. Chart and export the results.

OUR EVENTS team can develop custom workflows, train your team and help you get projects off the ground

Every relationship is unique, and our tools can be wholly customized to do exactly what you need most. Because every event is different, we offer consulting services to help you maximize your impact and amplify your voice.

get started

Sometimes all you need is a little help getting things going. We'll make sure the stage is set for your team to be successful. We'll help you connect to a mobile network, import contacts and setup your initial activities to help you get started.

Build your workspace

We recognize every team is different, and our consulting service can bring full customization to your Frontline workspace. At this level, we will develop training for your team, design tailor-made activities and then set you up with the mobile connection that best fits your needs.

Grow your outreach

We help you grow your business and operations by using effective mobile engagement. We can support with content, analytics, responsive design and platform customization to ensure you achieve your goals and be ready for the next one.

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FeedbackLabs is a collection of like-minded organizations committed to the belief that everyday people should be the primary drivers of the policies and programs that affect them. The organization hosts an annual Feedback Summit, which provides attendees with multiple speakers and sessions, and is often a multi-day event.

Frontline worked with FeedbackLabs and Keystone Accountability during the inaugural London Feedback Summit held in November 2016. The event organizers used Frontline to collect and analyze survey responses and opinion data in real-time during for each session throughout the summit.



  • Each session speaker had the ability to poll or survey their session attendees using SMS. Since there were many sessions occurring simultaneously throughout the day, each session was assigned a unique keyword before the summit began.
  • The session attendees were instructed to include the session specific keyword in their response. Session speakers also informed Frontline the questions they intended to ask and the response type they expected, and most of the session speakers chose either multiple choice or open response style questions. 


  • On the day of the Summit, each session’s responses were automatically tallied in real-time. This allowed each speaker and event organizers to quickly and easily analyze session feedback and also plan discussions around the feedback later that day.  
  • For multiple choice based feedback, event organizers relied on Frontline’s dynamic chart capabilities to review instantly and also to export the data in a .CSV file to recreate in Powerpoint for later sessions. Open response feedback was displayed with a word cloud within the Frontline workspace, but was also exported to simply be read and shared.  

The well-attended sessions saw high participant engagement with the SMS feedback format - some sessions boasted 100% response rate. At least 80% of all event attendees participated in at least one survey or activity.   

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Frontline brings modern, professional data management to mobile messaging, so you can bring high-quality, low-cost communication to attendees, sponsors and your event planning staff.

Whether your event has 10 or 10,000 attendees, there's no better way to communicate with them than by using the platform they use most on the phone already in their pocket. Frontline's award-winning winning technologies will help you get more value from your event in less time - getting everyone on the same page, one message at a time.

Contact us to learn more about the work we've done and the ways we can help you build a better event.