Head of Content



Who We Are

Frontline is an award-winning social enterprise that helps mission-driven organizations define and implement two-way communication that improves their quality, reach, and efficiency. We’re experienced with the full life-cycle of messaging implementation, with more than a decade of experience making messaging work in some of the hardest contexts in the world. At the heart of what we do is the Frontline software suite - an award-winning, cloud-hosted, software as a service, messaging management and automation platform.
Frontline reaches tens of thousands of users in 190 countries, connecting millions of people across industry, geography, and size of enterprise. Our team provides the services, technology, and experience to build successful, valuable messaging for a range of communities. We don’t, however, reach them well enough.

That’s where you come in.

who you are

We’re looking for someone to who’s excited to help engage, support, and grow our community of users, customers, and clients. And we’re hoping you’re that person. 

If so, you love to write – whether it’s a helpful email, a blog post, or a user guide, you’re deft with the written word and sweat the small stuff. You’re handy with digital engagement platforms, but at heart, you’re a people person and your favorite part of the job is creating someone else’s “A-ha” moment. You like clear goals, but want the freedom to execute your own vision. You know how to blend visual design and the written word, and you’ve made a “how to” video or two along the way.

Our communities are all over the world, and you may be too – so you’re comfortable working on the go and remotely. You believe, like us, that community starts by meeting people where they are and showing them what’s possible.

The Things You’ll Do

Our Head of Content will lead efforts to engage our communities – past, present and future. You’ll design targeted content strategies to help users understand Frontline the platform and the company. You’ll help identify our champions, and work with them to amplify our presence in a range of industries and settings. You’ll manage our community engagement and marketing strategies, including digital, analogue, and in-person outreach. You’ll also help attract people to Frontline, and connect them with the right person, resource, or even job offer. 

Success is a larger, more consistently delivered content strategy, a bigger footprint in target communities, user satisfaction, and strong communication with the rest of the team. We’ve built something really special here at Frontline – we hope you’re excited to dig in and help others discover us, too. 

To the bullet points!

  • You’ll write. And help other people write. You’re organized and you love the craft.
  • You’ll strategize. You’ll work with the team to design content and marketing strategies that focus on user needs, product roll-out, and marketing.
  • You’ll engage. Knowing our users - and the people who should be our users - is the core of this job. You’ll leverage our existing marketing assets, and build new ones, across channels. 
  • You’ll collaborate. This role is cross-cutting, so you’ll work closely with senior management, sales, product, and project teams to connect our community to work, and vice versa.
  • You’ll travel. Our users and our team are everywhere, and moving. You’ll meet them in-person, after your keynote, on video chats, and wherever necessary to build relationships.

The Things We’ll Like About You (but aren’t required)

  • You have a range of writing experience, across type and voice. Extra points if you give a mean presentation, double points you can do it about tech, and all the points if you can do it in a language other than English and get a laugh.
  • You like meeting new people and don’t mind taking the initiative. Our community does the hardest parts of some of the most exciting work in the world – the least we can do is be proactive, friendly, and helpful.
  • You’re good with digital and content marketing tools – and have numbers to prove it.
  • Knowledge of, or even expertise in, messaging, automation, and SaaS.
  • You’ve got experience in user support, sales, and/or facilitation. 
  • You live in DC or New York - but you know how to work remotely and flexibly. A lot of companies say it, but we don’t know any other way – our team is in DC, New York, and Nairobi. We’ve got your back, but we’re not here to look over your shoulder – you execute whether you’re in the office, at an event, in the air, or working from home.
  • You know why you’re here. We’ve all got something that drives us - Frontline doesn’t have to be your giant leap, but you should know why it’s your next step.
  • It’s a start-up life, for us. We’re growing, but we’re not Apple, and we’re happy about that. On the plus side, Siri won’t take your job in 3 years.
  • Lastly, you’ve got a passport and you want to use it. We work all over the world, and we’d like you to, too. It won’t always be fancy, but you’ll never be bored.



If this sounds like you, apply! Email us at join-the-team+content@frontlinesms.com with:

  • A cover letter or email about who you are and why you’d be a good fit at Frontline. It’s the most important part of the application - and we won’t consider you without it.
  • Your CV/Resume. Points for brevity. Why you’re a great fit > why you’re great.

Compensation is competitive (and commensurate with your experience) and so are we. 

Networks are powerful and we’d love to reward anyone who shared this with you. If you know the perfect person for the job, make sure they mention your referral in the cover letter, and we’ll  thanks with $500 when they pass their probation.