The right digital campaigning tools are key to growing grassroots campaigns.

Being able to identify users and supporters and get them to engage with you is key to building a successful campaign. NationBuilder provides the tools for users to build supporter networks, communicate and engage. For those eager campaigners outside the U.S., you can bridge the power of Frontline with NationBuilder to take the campaign to the world of the SMS.

Using Frontline’s tools, you can reach potential supporters anywhere in the world over SMS and push that information back to your NationBuilder nation.

Frontline and SMS can help you manage and develop the one-to-one conversation with your supporter base, a key facet in converting supporters into activists. Automating this process gives campaigners a greater ability to multiply their influence with supporters and activists. Frontline’s Activities provide those automations for SMS campaigning and complement NationBuilder’s inbuilt functionality, supporting campaign works regardless of where you are. Build a better campaign today using Frontline’s NationBuilder integration.

OUR CAMPAIGNS team can develop custom workflows, train your team on Frontline or help you get projects off the ground

Every relationship is unique, and our tools are designed to do what you need most. Because every campaign is different, we offer consulting services to help you maximize your impact and amplify your voice.

Get started

Sometimes all you need is a little help getting things going. We'll make sure the stage is set for your team to be successful. We'll help you connect to a mobile network, import contacts and setup your initial activities to help you get started.

build your workspace

We recognize every team is different, and our consulting service can bring full customization to your Frontline workspace. At this level, we will develop training for your team, design tailor-made activities and then set you up with the mobile connection that best fits your needs.

grow your outreach

We help organizations grow their business and their operations by using effective mobile engagement. We can support with content, analytics, responsive design and platform customization to ensure you achieve your goals and be ready for the next one.

Frontline has SMS coverage in virtually every country around the globe using our Android gateway app, FrontlineSync. Frontline also natively integrates with mobile SMS aggregators like Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell, WorldText, txtNation, Africa’s Talking, CLX and InfoBip to provide local mobile numbers. You can use this two-way SMS coverage with Frontline’s inbuilt engagement automations coupled with our custom NationBuilder activities to let you register new users, push SMS to your nation and to RSVP to NationBuilder events via SMS.

Register Users — This Activity lets users message you using a keyword and responds to users who SMS into your Frontline workspace, and asks for their e-mail address. This is bundled with the text that's received and is pushed and merged with your supporter information inside NationBuilder. This Activity can be combined with Frontline’s Autoreplies, Autoforwards and Polls to give you more tools to reach out to your supporters.

RSVP to an Event — You can have users RSVP for events to push more people to attend and drive engagement. Frontline connects directly to a NationBuilder event page, letting supporters RSVP as well as displaying attendee information. You can then send a message to any supporters who are attending, reminding them of your event.

Frontline is a robust SMS management tool that was developed to engage with users outside the reach of the internet. Now, you can use Frontline alongside advanced organising tools like NationBuilder to make sure all users can participate and contribute to your campaign. Harnessing the high read rate of SMS provides the confidence that your messages are read by your supporters and the instant nature of SMS means you can push users up your engagement ladder efficiently.