Public Service Lead


Who We Are. What we're hiring you to do


Frontline is an award-winning social enterprise that helps our users build better, using messaging. Our team works closely with companies, non-profits, and governments to leverage messaging to increase the quality, volume, and efficiency of their work. Our team provides strategy, design, development, implementation, testing, and support with more than a decade of experience in making messaging work in some of the hardest contexts in the world. Frontline reaches tens of thousands of users in 200 countries, connecting millions of people across industry, geography, and size of enterprise. At the heart of what we do is the Frontline software suite - an award-winning, cloud-hosted, software as a service, messaging management and automation platform.

Our team provides the services, technology, and experience to build successful, valuable messaging for a range of communities. We’ve worked with governments, non-profits, and even informal community groups to use messaging to improve public services. The Public Service Lead position will build out and formalize our investments in helping design, improve, and provide public services to the people that need them most. The rise of interactive messaging not only increases engagement, it opens a wide range of opportunities to improve the efficiency, business models, and quality of the services we rely on most. 

That’s where you come in.

You will lead our engagement with public service providers - building targeted partnership strategies, designing product features, and growing our commercial footprint. That may be working with cities, pitching complementary technology partners, supporting national professional associations, or building information services for people who don’t know exactly what they need. What matters is that you build great products, strong relationships, and, of course, revenue.

The Public Service Lead plays a pivotal role in orchestrating Frontline’s marketing, sales, communications, and operational growth with the public services sector. You will design, implement, and sell FrontlineSMS product and consulting services to organizations that provide social, legal, and governmental services.

The Things You’ll Do - Engagement

We want you to engage the people providing the services people need most. We have 10+ years of history improving public services all over the world - but we want you to help us focus, maintain, and grow our footprint in an industry that badly needs to reach more people, better and faster. 

  • Build a go-to-market strategy for Frontline products and services in the public services space - prioritizing channel partners, key relationships, and niche markets poised for growth
  • Find, contribute to, and bridge communities! Help us find, contribute to, and/or build the professional groups doing the most interesting messaging and engagement work across the world
  • Represent Frontline at the events, meet-ups, and conferences where service professionals gather
  • Publish creative and instructive multi-media content about how interactive messaging and web integrations can public services engage users, reduce costs, and improve outcomes  
  • Provide in-depth subject matter expertise to clients, which may include messaging use, automation, service design, data visualization, and engagement ladders in public campaigns
  • Develop a content calendar, including blog posts, white papers, and presentations
  • Work with CEO, CTO, COO to coordinate Frontline content, product, and team support

The Things You’ll Do - Sales

We want you to build amazing things - and that means bridging service design and business. 

  • Analyze and target customer types, based on position, organizational, + revenue structure
  • Build relationships with government digital offices, professional networks, + technology providers
  • Design messaging features for our public services platform, marketing + sales operation
  • Identify strategic clients, set sales targets, and make commission when you exceed them
  • Grow a public services sales + operations team within Frontline 
  • Build and manage a portfolio of product and consulting clients
  • Contribute case studies, success indicators, and marketing materials to Frontline marketing operation 
  • Coordinate with user support, account management, and roadmap planning to identify emerging opportunities and features

The Things We’ll Like About You

There will of course be many things, some of which will include:

  • In-depth understanding of inclusive service design - both as a design process and an industry
  • Understand government digital services, private sector contractors, and software providers
  • 3-5 years of marketing and sales (ideally management) experience
  • Expertise in messaging, automation, SaaS, multi-media content and broadcast platforms
  • Understanding of the Saas business – including growth strategies, success metrics, and sales
  • Willingness and interest to learn new technologies 
  • Willing to take risks, and do enough homework to make sure they’re good ones
  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience using digital marketing, task, and sales management tools
  • Engaging writer, with experience designing, writing, and publishing a range of public-facing materials 
  • Passion for engaging people and driving adoption of inclusive technologies
  • Confident public speaker – able to speak authoritatively and entertainingly about technology
  • Willing to travel and work with diverse populations


If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk to you! Email us at with

  • An introduction to who you are and why you’d be a good fit at Frontline

  • A CV (Tip: we prefer CVs that are only 2-3 pages at most, focusing more on projects and achievements,  rather than those featuring large lists of acronyms and certifications - this way it’s much easier for us humans to read and understand just how great you are!)

  • Make the subject Public Service

Compensation is competitive (and commensurate with your experience) and so are we. 


Networks are powerful and we’d love to reward anyone who shares this job advert with someone that is perfect for this job. If you refer someone who joins us in this role we’ll say thanks with $500 when they pass their probation.