User Success Manager


Who We Are. What we're hiring you to do


For 11 years, thousands of people, organisations and companies have used our platform to save money and lives, educate children, lead communities and optimise hospitals.  We love working with our platform users every day across the world, and we are looking to enable more and more people to benefit from our tools without necessarily needing the budget to set up and understand the tech and goals.

That’s where we want you, our new User Success Manager to come in.

We support customers and unpaid users alike, and our goal is to make sure that anyone who uses Frontline succeeds in achieving their goals. The User Success Manager understands our users, adapts customer materials for open publication, and just generally helps provide all the human input that makes technology projects succeed. 

How can FrontlineSMS be used by doctors, NGOs and project managers alike from Mozambique to San Francisco. We want you to tell us how our platform best serves some users, how it can be improved for other users and where it fits best for each unique user’s project.

Who you are

We’re looking for someone who is driven to meet people where they are, and help them find and use our platform to achieve their goals. You’ll want data - then probably some more data - and to turn that data into insights, stories, and resources that help us grow the value and size of our user community.  

One day you may be querying our data for interesting patterns, the next you could be surveying people, and then maybe scripting videos to embed in Tweets, emails and LinkedIn posts.

You’ll want to write thoughtfully, using choice words to communicate to broad user groups, and you’ll know how to use digital platforms to get your message out.

In a given day, you might start by interviewing a user for your blog post about the tailor-made activities they used and the impact they had. You might try and understand that user’s market by scoping other organizations like them, then you might talk to our CTO to scope releasing these activities as a package and talk over the best way to visualize their work. You might close the day at a technology meet-up or taking off a bit early for something completely unrelated. There’s no question there’s a lot to do - and not everything gets done in a day - but working with data and users to build markets around better messaging is something you’ll do every day.

The Things You’ll Do

There are three core areas we want you to take control of:

  • Look at the data.  Use that to design and communicate objectives to your own todo list, and the rest of of the team’s.
    Being a Saas platform we have a lot of data around behaviour, user types, content, web traffic and everything in between.  You will be in charge of making sense of it, defining metrics, indicators and asking questions of the data.  You will react to the answers with actions that you will take on.  The rest of the team will also be informed with your answers. 
  • Research and ask questions; more information and more data.
    We have users, followers and interested parties who have information and data what will allow us to better solve their problems, build more useful tools and generally help more people do more with technology.  We don’t have all of the data yet, and we need you to go out and find it in structured and sustainable ways.
  • Write, so that more people are informed of the facts.
    This not only includes addressing our internal priorities as above but also writing, targeting current and future users telling our platform’s story with what it can do.  Writing customer stories about what real people have done around the world with real consequences.

Alongside our COO (based in NYC), Product Specialist & Support Lead (in Nairobi) and the platform support team you’ll be starting a new team with a whole new world of possibilities for growth and the ability to shape and define the role as we learn and work together.

The Things We’ll Like About You

You’ll be well-rounded and experienced around all things communication, small team and proactive working.  Specifically we’re thinking:

  • You like to ask questions, as well as answer them.
  • You like to work with a diverse range of people with many varying talents from DevOps teams through to sales and operations leads.  We’re all heading for the same goals and you’ll need to be able to push and pull them all daily.
  • You’ve thought a lot about Saas business plans, how they can work and when they need updating.  You’ll also know your Zapiers from your Slacks, and your Signals from your HubSpots.

We’re not looking for specific Computer Science, Marketing or Art History degrees here; you’ll have an impressive one of these, or not, and the main thing we’ll need is experience practising the above areas in the real world.  We know these industries move fast and we’ll want someone who’s been doing this for enough years that you can come in and straight away ‘get it’ to start devising plans and debating tactics.


If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk to you! Email us at with

  • An introduction to who you are and why you’d be a good fit at Frontline

  • A CV (Tip: we prefer CVs that are only 2-3 pages at most, focusing more on projects and achievements, rather than those featuring large lists of acronyms and certifications - this way it’s much easier for us humans to read and understand just how great you are!)

Compensation is competitive (and commensurate with your experience) and so are we. 


Networks are powerful and we’d love to reward anyone who shares this job advert with someone that is perfect for this job. If you refer someone who joins us in this role we’ll say thanks with $500 when they pass their probation.