Latest FrontlineSMS newsletter: Community news and upcoming plans!

What a busy few months it has been at FrontlineSMS! Our latest FrontlineSMS e-newsletter is out now, and really demonstrates just how much has been going on. You can read the newsletter online here.

Our newsletter comes out every two months, and provides an update on FrontlineSMS community news and upcoming activities. The latest edition includes:

  • What's in store for FrontlineSMS Version 2 - Plans for updating our core software
  • Finding the best phones and modems for FrontlineSMS - Details of our new crowd-sourced device database
  • Who's using FrontlineSMS - Our first ever user survey results!
  • FrontlineSMS Heroes - Latest on our volunteers and interns
  • 'Giving radio listeners a voice' - update from FrontlineSMS:Radio
  • FrontlineSMS users share their stories - Latest news on how FrontlineSMS software is being used across the world (shared both via our blog, and in our National Geographic Mobile Message series)
  • Award-winning software - Recent prizes and award nominations received by FrontlineSMS and our Founder, Ken Banks

Take a read of our latest e-newsletter to find out more here.

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