FrontlineSMS Photo Competition winners!

People say a picture speaks a thousand words, and this was the motivation behind our FrontlineSMS user photo competition, which opened towards the end of April. We are always keen to see the many innovative ways FrontlineSMS users have been using our software around the world. Photography is an excellent medium to show how FrontlineSMS is being used to in a variety of exciting and innovative ways, and it was great to receive photos and see projects in action!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the FrontlineSMS Photo Competition is Molave Development Foundation, Inc. Based in the Philippines, Molave Development Foundation runs the valuable Safe Motherhood project, which was recently featured in our National Geographic blog series Mobile Message.  The project aims to reduce mother and infant mortality rates by  providing education and support to expectant mothers via SMS. Molave sent us lots of great photos of their work including midwives training on FrontlineSMS and expectant mothers receiving messages from FrontlineSMS. To see these photos visit our FrontlineSMS Facebook page here.

Many thanks to everyone who sent in there photos. Although the competition is now over we are still always looking for high resolution images of FrontlineSMS in action so please send along any photos you would like to share with us to

Meanwhile, as worthy winners of our recent photo competition we will be sending Molave Development Foundation some of our brand new FrontlineSMS T-shirts as competition prizes!