FrontlineCloud is one year old today!

As the latest iteration of the Frontline product suite celebrates its first birthday, now seems the perfect time to sit back with a cupcake and reflect on the successes – and challenges – of the past twelve months.

Exactly one year ago today – 22nd August, 2013 – we released FrontlineCloud in beta, and engaging people using text messages got easier. For the first time, you could log in and check your SMS inbox like you were checking your Gmail; support colleagues with their messaging remotely; send out messages to your community within a few clicks.

We've been busy...

What started as a single application has evolved into a range of products. In addition to releasing and continuously improving FrontlineCloud, we've made improvements to our desktop application, FrontlineSMS, and developed and released our new free Android app, FrontlineSync. By developing FrontlineSync, the software took the first step to linking our desktop users to the global community via the internet. You can connect to the mobile network using a modem, Android phone, or web service - whatever works for you.

...and we've got big plans...

In the coming months you'll see even more changes, with an exciting new automation toolset, better X, and more Y. In the meantime, raise a glass to FrontlineCloud...

  • over 3,000 registered
  • over 70,000 contacts saved
  • more than 250,000 messages sent, and 150,000 received
  • tracked over 5,000 missed calls (since May, when FrontlineSync was released)
  • Our top 5 receiving countries: Philippines, United States, Pakistan, Singapore, and Afghanistan

Our product development has been continuously driven by a commitment to users. While we provide the tools and expertise, it is all of you amazing users who implement programs and projects that inspire us to continue to work in this sphere.  Help us celebrate FrontlineCloud's birthday by telling us how you've been using our software!  Submit your story to