Build a Better Campaign

90% of all SMS are read within 3 minutes of being received. In the last few days of a campaign, getting your message seen by the right people is key. What can you do to make sure the people who are going to support you show up to the polling station on the day?

The answer is, of course, to communicate with them. The more you speak to someone directly, the higher the likelihood they are to engage and turn up when it counts. An often overlooked aspect of campaigning is the SMS - the gentle reminder that buzzes in your pocket letting you know where your voting station is, when the candidate will be answering questions and what they can do to help turn out the vote. Automating these messages and responses and gathering them with your other campaign data gives a campaign the edge.


This is where Frontline’s power as a campaigning platform comes into its own. Frontline lets you automate messages and have 1 to 1 communication with supporters, anywhere in the world. Over the coming weeks we’ll continue the process we started with Radio, releasing Activities for users that will help them with their campaigns, whether they are political or social. To kick off this process, we’ve released an easy set up process for our NationBuilder integration. By signing up to Frontline from the link below, you’ll be walked through the set up process with NationBuilder to integrate the two apps together and get started with campaigning.

You can also use Frontline’s existing powerful Activities to complement NationBuilder’s campaigning workflows. Use Autoreplies and Polls to ask questions with subscribers, then the integration will push the data to NationBuilder for you to aggregate and campaign. Get started using NationBuilder today and Build a Better Campaign.