FrontlineCloud: Now with Twilio! Our September Release Notes

Every few weeks, as we release new improvements and features, we'll let you know on this blog about all of the updates to FrontlineCloud. If you’re curious about our development process, you can read my colleague Sitati’s excellent blog post on the subject, Our Brand of ‘Agile’.

Along with bug fixes, language tweaks, and stability improvements, we are pleased to announced some very exciting new features for FrontlineCloud users … and only a few weeks after our open beta launch!

Now With Twilio


Twilio is a widely-used SMS gateway and aggregator service in the United States. The company has been in the news a lot lately for their recent successful venture capital raise, and their conference last week.  Many of our users have Twilio accounts, or would like to use one in conjunction with FrontlineCloud. Twilio joins our lineup alongside Nexmo, World-Text, and Clickatell as services we support for sending and receiving text messages, as well as registering for virtual phone numbers. It also means more options for reaching the people you care about most.

With the combination of virtual numbers provided by these services, integration with SMSSync, the option of hosting a virtual SIM with World-Text, and of course, using a modem with our desktop software, we believe we offer the widest coverage with a local number of any SMS management service in the world.

Twilio -- in fact most of our SMS service providers -- can do much more sending and receiving SMS. We have big plans to expand and take full advantage of their other features. Stay tuned …

Additional Release Notes

Some other improvements to the app include the following:

  • automatic connections to Nexmo -- for a short time, users were required to copy and paste a ‘callback URL’ into their Nexmo account; we’ve now corrected this issue so that FrontlineCloud will create an automatic connection to your Nexmo account
  • routing rules now behave as expected -- we have fixed routing rules so that you can message your contacts how you best see fit; this was a bug from the launch that is now corrected
  • additional bug fixes / improvements including correcting language files, correcting the graph in our polling feature, improvements on selecting contacts or groups when sending messages, and more!