Fast Company: US State Department Is Trying To Make A Thousand Ushahidis Bloom

a href="">By E.B. Boyd, re-posted from Fast Company website "When the earthquake decimated Haiti last year, technologists around the world converged online to develop tools to help rescuers find victims and raise funds. Now the State Department wants to see if it can take that impulse and put it to work helping grassroots organizations tackle humanitarian problems around the world even when there isn't a horrible disaster to deal with.

To do that, the State Department is convening a series of “TechCamps” in different parts of the globe this year to bring together non-governmental organizations that know the problems, with technology experts who might have innovative ideas about how to tackle them....

“It’s a way to identify the next Ushahidi or FrontlineSMS and help them scale quickly,” Boly says."

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