Speak a language and want to support FrontlineSMS? We need version 2 translated into French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and Arabic and every other language you can think of...

We’ve had phenomenal support from our users since launching the new version of our free, open-source software in June 2012. Supportive articles, warm words on Twitter and Facebook, and thousands of downloads already all speak for the tremendous community of users and supporters we’ve built up over the last few years.

We launched FrontlineSMS Version 2 in English and Swahili – now we need to ensure that users all over the world can use the software.

We need to translate the terms and messages used in Version 2 into five priority languages: French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and Arabic – but we’re looking for speakers of all languages to contribute translations in their native tongue. Translators will join our team of FrontlineSMS:Heroes – volunteer coders, testers, analysts and designers who contribute their time to the project for free, and as a thank you are featured on our website and get to sport these very fetching tshirts.

If you think you can help, please contact us at info@frontlinesms.com. We can’t wait to hear from you! o/