Heartbleed and FrontlineCloud security announcement

This week a bug with OpenSSL, a widely adopted internet security system, was found that caused significant disruption and concern around the world.  It was named 'Heartbleed' and much publicised. FrontlineCloud is no longer vulnerable to Heartbleed.

It transpired that much of the internet's secure traffic, including FrontlineCloud's, was exposed to potential targeted attacks.  Amazon who run the services that host FrontlineCloud were extremely quick in updating their systems to address the flaw.

We have no evidence or reason to believe that there were any attempts to access our users' secure communications during the time we were affected. However, as with most other services on the web, we do recommend our users change their FrontlineCloud passwords as an extra precaution.

Despite now being secure after Amazon's update, we are taking the extra precaution of renewing the private parts of FrontlineCloud's SSL certificates.

We consider data security of primary concern when developing FrontlineCloud. If we discover any cause for concern about the privacy or integrity of the data we store for you on FrontlineCloud, we will always keep our users informed.

Due to the nature of how it is deployed, Heartbleed did not affect FrontlineSMS installations.