Frontline Honored by Nominet 100 2014

Last week, the Nominet Trust included us in their top 100 social innovations list. A little over a month before, Frontline celebrated its 9th birthday, making us one of the older initiatives to receive recognition. But you know what? Nominet is right on time.

One of the things about making a truly social innovation is that it grows with the initiative of the people who use it. Frontline was fortunate enough to start with users that still inspire us, and it has gained new life, leadership, and power with each of the tens of thousands of users who have made it their own.

Frontline today works online and offline – and on all the Android phones in between. Over the coming weeks and months, Frontline will grow again, adapting to support an even broader range of businesses, governments, individuals, and non-profits in the vital work that they do.

The Nominet Trust “celebrates the organizations and individuals who are using digital technology to change the world for the better.” To be honest, that pretty much sums up why we make Frontline. It’s an honor to be recognized among such amazing groups. It’s an even greater honor to support such amazing users. After all, they not only make Frontline what it is, they’re making it what it will be.

Check out the full list of 100 here