New London-based Internships Available Now at FrontlineSMS!

Interested in supporting a community of people using mobile in innovative ways? Want to learn more about mobile technology's role in social change and development? Intrigued by how text messaging can be used in community radio stations to give a voice to under-served communities?

If you're a creative and enthusiastic individual, and you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, we'd like to invite you to apply for our two internship positions to join the growing FrontlineSMS team!

FrontlineSMS is a free, open source software which is used all over the world to enable positive social change by helping people to communicate using simple text messaging. We currently have two exciting internship opportunities to work with the team at our London office. Since we are a small but fast-growing organization, FrontlineSMS interns are provided with valuable opportunities to get involved in many different areas of our work and take responsibility within key projects.

We need someone to help us build, support and understand our ever-buzzing online communities and networks of users. We also need someone to support the emergence of a tailored version of our software optimised for radio DJs and help build an understanding of the sector specific application of the tool within the media. And if you just can't choose between these two positions please feel free to apply for both in the same application.

This is what Lisa, one of our Community Interns said about her experiences with FrontlineSMS:

“I spent three months working with FrontlineSMS and my experience was both humbling and inspiring. I had a chance to soak in the very tangible passion and enthusiasm that the team feels for their work. I had a very real opportunity to contribute, to participate and to share in the team successes and challenges. Each team member that I worked with gave me their attention, gave me the information that I needed, and gave me the freedom to use my skills/strengths to help improve the experience of working at FrontlineSMS.”

So, if you think you've got what it takes please see our Jobs and Internships page for full details and job descriptions.