Frontline Works in a Multichannel World

Here at Frontline, we think it’s kind of great how our users come from a variety of industries and use the Frontline system in unique, often life-changing ways. And while we think Frontline is the consummate mobile messaging platform, we understand many of our users want to interact with their audience across multiple channels. It’s like that old adage, ‘Man should not share content via one channel alone.’ Or something like that.

Over the last decade, we’ve worked to make Frontline as configurable as possible with the other platforms our users rely on for their communications efforts. With our flexible API, external platforms (with their own web API) can send data directly into Frontline, which can automatically trigger an outbound SMS. Plus, it also allows Frontline to return data back to that application, so you can consolidate and review data where it’s most useful to you. What good is a multi-channel CRM if it doesn’t include your SMS engagement?

Speaking of CRMs, did you know can instantly connect a Nationbuilder and Salesforce account to your Frontline workspace? For example, contact records within your Nation can automatically update after a Frontline activity, like if a contact RSVPs to an event via SMS. We’ve also paired Frontline with the automation tool Zapier, so your Frontline data can be immediately zapped over to your favorite app whenever an activity is triggered.    

We want to add to this list in the future, but first we want to hear from you: what applications do you want to see automatically integrated into your Frontline workspace? Clearbit? Typeform? Eventbrite? Let us know in the comments, or email me directly at