Now Showing: Africa's Voices

Coming to you from the University of Cambridge's Centre of Governance and Human Rights, we are pleased to feature a short film about the Africa's Voices project.  This research pilot project supported local radio stations to use FrontlineSMS for audience participation, in an effort to continue to enhance citizen-based dialogue. Radio is still the killer app in Africa for sharing information. Adding mobile turns a one-to-many medium into a two-way interactive opportunity, empowering people to ask questions and hold their leaders to account.  The Africa's Voices project asks, "Why should continental discussions be confined to Heads of State conferences?" and aims to collect the views of citizens from all over the continent to add to the debate.

Africa's Voices from Dominique Chadwick on Vimeo.

We are delighted to have been a part of this project, and encourage you to watch this short film about it.