Planet Text: How SMS is Changing the World

Recently a fun infographic was shared with the FrontlineSMS team, which visually explores the impact SMS is having across the world. Check out the description and the infographic itself below.
Try looking up the average human attention span over the last decade -- you'll likely notice that it has decreased significantly. With the advent of the Internet, a near golden-age in video game design, and the proliferation of mobile devices, it's simply impossible to remain tuned-in to a single task at one time. Text messaging is a unique language that has evolved with the widespread use of cell phones and is essentially a compression of normal speech that includes abbreviations, short meanings, and a lack of grammar. It's probably not a surprise that almost 200,000 texts were sent every second in 2010, or that by 2012 more people will have a cellular phone than a bank account.Text messages are changing human life as we know it, and SMS is far outpacing many other services on the globe. Welcome to planet text.  By Tony Shin

Planet Text Created by: MBA Online