mobile database

NEW - Crowdsourced Device Database: By the community, for the community

We're delighted to announce a major new resource for those using our software: an online database identifying which handsets and modems that are compatible with FrontlineSMS! We think this will be a huge step forward for our users. 

Our new database currently includes information on 10 devices, both modems and handsets that have been tested for their compatibility with FrontlineSMS. Over time, we'll build up data on phone and modem availability and compatibility all over the world, so that it's as easy as it should be to get up and running.

But we need you to help build it! Please share your own experiences - both successes and challenges - with sourcing and using different devices. The more detailed information you give, the more useful the database will be for others. We'll also be adding data from a few new sources, including the anonymised statistics sent back by our users, which since version  included information on the device connected to FrontlineSMS; the very useful thread we'd already created on the user support community; and the user survey we've just completed.

To access the data base and to add information on your own experience of using FrontlineSMS with different devices please visit: When you submit an entry we will review it and add it onto the device database within one week.

The database itself is a prototype - but we wanted to get it up and out so that you could use it as soon as possible. Within the database there is an individual report for each device which has been tested. Please bear in mind that this is a list of phones and modems you connect to the computer running FrontlineSMS. (The people you send messages to, and receive messages from, can have ANY phone). In each device report you can see the mobile network operator (mno), the platform, and the version of FrontlineSMS on which the device has been tested. You can also see the functionalities the device has been tested for by hovering your mouse over the envelope symbols. If anyone has suggestions for improvements and would be interested in volunteering time to work on it with us, then do get in touch at

Huge thanks are due to Adam White, Alex Anderson, and Morgan Belkadi for building the database and getting it online!